Mate Exam

This newly-revised webform is a partner-selection analysis Exam intended for
military, government, business, civilian, or personal use,
especially by individuals desiring to evaluate potential spouses for either
State-registered, or non-State-certified, permanent marriage.
It can be administered and/or ultilized by a clergyman, a dating-service manager,
or by each person testing themselves or someone else.

1.This MateExam Questionnaire is not for only never-previously-married young-adult genital-virgin women to utilize, but men also MUST declare whether they (and circle one) are:
(1) never-before-married, (2) married (whether State-registered or other), (3) widowed, or (4) [involuntarily] divorced

2. What is your e-mail address or cellphone number? ______________________________________

3. What is the zipcode of where you generally retire for sleep? ________

4. In what city and state do you mostly reside within? __________________ _____

5a. What is your gender? _____________ 5b. What was your gender at birth? ____________

6. What is your birthdate? ________________________

7. Are you mostly Caucasian, Negroid, or Asian? __________________

8. What language do you speak most fluently? _____________________

9. What is your present height? _____ ft. ____ in.

10. What is your present weight? _________ lbs.

11. What is your eye color? ____________

12. What is your typical hair color? _____________

13. Are you a high-school or vocational school graduate, or military veteran? _______

14. What is your main occupation with which you acquire most of your income?


15. Is your income range above $ 15,000 per year? ________

16. Have you received, or currently possess, any non-IRS-registered assets, like birthday gifts? ________

17. Are you now paying for a mortgage, student loan, or car loan? __________

18. Do you live alone? _______ Which do you now mainly live in: an apartment, cabin, house, trailer, RV, townhouse, or condo? _______________________

19. Have you ever rented or leased a storage unit? ________

20. What is the year, make, and model of the vehicle you usually drive, and State it is licensed for? _________ ____________________________ _______________________ __________________

21. Have you ever owned a boat, motorcycle, and/or snowmobile? _________

22. Do you generally wear glasses or contact lenses? ________

23. What medically-treated serious handicaps or disabilities do you presently have? ____________________________________________

24. What medically-treated serious temporary or continuing diseases do you presently have? ____________________________________________

25. Have you ingested any by-prescription-only pharmaceuticals within the past year? _______

26. Have you ever taken into your body any heroin, LSD, marijuana, or other hallucinogens? ________

27. If you assume that you are able to procreate, do you want to produce children? ________

28. What is the name and city-and-state-or-province location of the church, synagogue, or mosque you mostly attend?

______________________________ ____________________________ ___________________

29. What religion or religious denomination do you mostly affiliate with? _____________________

30. Contrary to First Timothy 2:15 and First Timothy 5:14, will you use spermicides, condoms, or contraceptives or whatever so-called "birth" "control" pregnancy-preventers when married to intend to not produce children? ________

31. Contrary to First Timothy 2:15 and First Timothy 5:14, do you intend to suggest committing, or commit, abortion-homicide murder (i.e. infanticide) to terminate pregnancy? ________

32. Contrary to Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:26-28, and First Corinthians 6:9-10, are you an effeminately homogay, and/or an occasional or frequent homosodomite, and is self-sodomizing masturbation legitimate? _______

33. Do you presume valid and true the anti-Genesis non-scientific myth of evolution? _______

34. Contrary to Deuteronomy 18:10 and Isaiah 47:13, do you dabble in astrology, the occult, witchcraft, sorcery, voodoo, or necromancy? ______

35. Contrary to Leviticus 27:1-5, Numbers 5:31, Numbers 30, Ecclesiastes 7:25-28, Nahum 3:13, First Corinthians 11:1-16, First Corinthians 14:33-38 and First Peter 3:7, do you consider yourself a chauvinistic sexist feminist or sexist-feminism supporter? ______

36. Per First Timothy 5:23, is it acceptable for you and/or your mate to nibble a communion cracker or swallow a wafer plus gulp down a little mildly-alcoholic communion wine during annual church service at passover time during Holy Week, but not consider ingesting Christ's symbolic body and blood (which, as stated in John chapter 6, Jesus Himself non-cannibalistically termed that body and blood of His as just "words of spirit and life" and which St Peter then referred to as simply "words" and not "blood") a "sacrament" by which you self-sacrificially atone for your own past and present sins and redeem yourself by your own self-righteousness feeding your mouth, or being fed, a tidbit of bread and a tad of wine? ________

37. In any of the four New-Testament gospels, was Jesus ever recorded to have said: "Do this, as oft as you drink it, in remembrance of me?" Or did He Himself, in any of the four gospels, ever say: "Do this, whenever you drink it, often or not (whenever that is), in remembrance of me?" -- and did the penitent dying thief on a cross who called Jesus 'Lord" go to Hades instead of Paradise because He had not been immersed for baptism nor reverently ingested bread and wine while hanging there?_______

38. Being that we are "saved by the grace of God through Christ Jesus because of His perfect atonement against our sins for our consequential redemption which He alone provided and provides," should we now disregard or discard the moral Law or deliberately disobey any part of it because we are now "set free to live in the Spirit by faith and not by works" and so licensed to defiantly and arrogantly sin? ________

39. Contrary to Leviticus 7:27, 17:10, and Acts 15:20 and Acts 15:29, do you eat meat bloody rare or medium rare? ________

40. Contrary to First Corinthians 6:12, do you ever harm your body and pollute the air by chewing tobacco or smoking nicotene products? ______

41. Is it necessary or helpful for a healthy, Christian, young woman to apply artificial additions to supposedly enhance her beauty like Leviticus 19:28-forbidden tattoos and body piercings? _____

42. Is it necessary or helpful for a healthy Christian young woman to apply artificial additions to supposedly enhance her beauty with Jezebel-and-harlot-like eye shadow, eyelashes, fingernail polish, toenail polish, lipstick, allergies-exacerbating perfumes, or rouge in view of II Kings 9:30 and Ezekiel 23:40 _____

43. Should women crave shopping for needless higher-priced new or different clothes, jewelry, or new cars according to First Timothy 2:9 and First Peter 3:3? ______

44. Concordant with Leviticus 27:1-5, Numbers 5:31, Numbers 30, Ecclesiastes 7:25-28, Nahum 3:13, First Corinthians 11:1-16, First Corinthians 14:33-38 and First Peter 3:7, do you vote for anti-feminist male-only politicians? ______

45. Contrary to Leviticus 27:1-5, Numbers 5:31, Numbers 30, Ecclesiastes 7:25-28, Nahum 3:13, First Corinthians 11:1-16, First Corinthians 14:33-38 and First Peter 3:7, do you desire to have female government officials, lawyers, judges, newscasters, clergy rule? ________

46. Should a man be medically treated by male doctors only, and especially a woman be medically treated by female physicians and dentists only, according to Proverbs 5:15-17 and Song of Solomon 8:12? __________

47. Is it OK to sexually stimulate and sexually harass erotically-sensitive boys or men in general public view by exposing naked female mopheadedness, arms, legs, and socksless feet during summer and/or indoor/outdoor sports in their possible or probable view? ________

48. Contrary to Leviticus 27:1-5, Numbers 5:31, Numbers 30, Ecclesiastes 7:25-28, Nahum 3:13, First Corinthians 11:1-16, First Corinthians 14:33-38 and First Peter 3:7, should women arrogantly compete against men in the business and corporate world rather than stay home and tend to housekeeping and child-raising? ______________________

49. Is it expedient for you yourself to read, and/or have read to you, in eventual entirety, the RSV, NRSV, ESV, and/or NAS Old Testament plus the King James Version and other translations for devotions with your potential partner? ________

50. Pertaining to non-State-registered, common-law-concubinage, cohabitationally-living-together protocol, should the consenting-adult husband have the final and overriding say instead of his consenting-adult spouse as to household and familial-related phenomena which has, does, and will occur? _________

51. Rather than conspiring to commit the pseudo-marriage fraud of same-gender homosodomy-unions licensing, would you be willing to heterosexually elope without obtaining a State Marriage License, with or without a private or public wedding ceremony concurrently or thereafter? ________

52. Should common-law female spouses wear marriage purity rings on the fourth fingers of their left hands whenever appropriate? ________

53. Have you, as a teen or adult, ever consciously been totally and consensually nude for opposite-gender exchange massage? _______

54. Are you a never-been-married single? ________

55. Are you, to your knowledge, genitally a virgin? __________

56. Being that the word "Aramaic" is never once found in the RSV New Testament, and its Old Testament states the word "Aramaic" only in Second Kings 18:26, Ezra 4:7, and Isaiah 36:11, should those three references instead state the word: "Syrian" as the KJV puts it? __________

57. Are the KJV, Darby, JPS, KJ21, MKJV translations correct in essentially stating: "And He has made, of one blood, all nations of humans to reside on all the face of Earth, and the RSV incorrect by omitting the word "blood" with its phrase: "And he made from one every nation of men to live on all the face of the earth," and are the first five mentioned Bible versions hate-crime racist by stating the words: "of one blood?"_______

58. Is the muslim/islamic Qur'an equivalent with, equal to, better than, or a valid substitute in place of the ACLU/PAW/AUSCS/SPLC/FFRF-despised Sacred-66-books Judeo-Christian Holy Bible? ______

59. According to Revelation chapter 14, is it true that if any person worships The Beast and his Image, and receives their (666) mark on his (or her) forehead or hand, he (or she) will be eternally and ceaselessly tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lord? _________

60. As many stores will not accept payment by check unless a Driver's License is presented, and as many fairs and expositions will not allow entrance unless each person is wrist-banded or stamped at the gate with a paid-customer tattoo allowing re-entrance if temporarily exiting, are you willing to not merely call Kenyan-not-Hawaiian-born Obama: "The President," but also willing to receive the near-future tiny-or-larger tattoo mark of 666 on your forehead or right hand so that you are "legally" allowed to commercially buy and sell everywhere for everything? _______

[ NOTE: All Respondents MUST attach a photocopy of their current Drivers License to this Exam, and after the Respondent honestly has typed, or has had typed, truthful answers to all the questions in this Exam, and the Reviewer receives and analyzes those answers, if after one week the Reviewer does not communicate with the Respondent, it might be assumed that the Reviewer no longer regards the Respondent eligible for further consideration ].