Christian Common-Law Concubine
Marriage Declaration and Certification Form

On this calendar date of

______ ________ __________

[ day month year ],

and of my own free will and desire,
without compulsion or duress,
and with sound mind, I

______________ _________________ __________________________

[ First Name Middle Name Last Name ]

as a previously non-married Christian woman and now marrying for the first time,
with freewill permission of the undersigned,
declare myself in voluntary quasi-common-law cohabitational marriage
with and permanent concubine of:

______________ _________________ ___________________________

[ First Name Middle Name Last Name ]

As concubine of the already-married or single Christian man named above,
I freely give him non-restricted permission
to uncover and touch any and all
publicly-presentable and publicly-nonpresentable
body parts of my body
at his discretion.

My signature is affixed below, and my stated virtual husband's underneath that,
as affirmation of this contractual instrument
as of the previously-stated calendar date:

[ Signature of Concubine ]: _________________________________________

[ Signature of Concubine's Spouse ]: ________________________________________

[ Signature of Officiant or Optional Witness ]: __________________________________________________

Photocopy of the Driver's License of Above-Designated Concubine
and of Her Designated Live-in Husband
are attached

Additional Notes

1. The Officiant or Optional Witness mentioned above is exactly that: optional. The witness need not be either a denominationally-"ordained" nor a non-"ordained" clergyman.

2. NO State or Government Marriage License or Certificate is to be involved in this marriage declaration. Early in American history, marriage licenses were not issued by the Government, nor should they be, unless so desired by both spouses. Many laws and statutes of Government are not in accord with Biblical imperatives and directives, such as certain ones questionably interpreted relating to so-called "civil" "rights," "equal rights," "human rights," and other phenomena relating to child custody and property or assets management in case of "legal" divorce or annulment. Because of that, the compelling-interest jurisdiction of Government is outside and beyond this contract, and any protective or inhibitory impositions by Government on those who sign this document are restricted and limited to their own individual infractions against federal or other Law (if any occurs), non-related to this Marriage Declaration.

3. Couples who sign the Marriage Declaration above should NOT declare themselves as "Married" but instead as "Single" on such Government Forms as IRS 1040 and others, being that the State has no present legal options of legitimate or legally-recognized female-concubine [harem] polygamy, but will instead consider partners who sign this Marriage Declaration as "quasi-married" rather than misrepresenting them as "living in sin, committing and not performing "fornication," being guilty of "adultery," or "having an affair." Also, being termed a "mistress" (who by dictionary definition is not married) is obviously not the same as being called a "concubine" (as in a harem, who by contrast is married to her husband, whether he be a sheik or equivalent).

4. In the case of religious-ceremony services and liturgical format of such accompanying the acknowledgment or celebration of the those who sign the above Marriage Declaration, there shall be no statement of church-related Banns involving such utterances as: "If anyone can show just cause why these two people cannot be married, let them speak now or forever hold their peace."

5. A publicly-observable sex show of the marriage-acknowledging couple such as holding hands and/or the husband kissing the bride involved during a possible religious-ceremony service accompanying this Marriage Declaration, is prohibited.

6. In no cases shall the bride nor bridesmaids involved during a possible religious-ceremony service accompanying this Marriage Declaration be immodestly attired with loose-long-haired mopheadedness, naked arms, nude shoulders or back, nor exposing any parts of the feet.

7. No marriage-discouraging or marriage-postponing premarital counseling or interrogation is to be done previous to a man and woman signing this Marriage Declaration, nor is there any need to acquire approval for women aged 20 years and older from family relatives to celebrate the signing of this Marriage Declaration with a possible religious-ceremony church service.

8. No phrases like: "till death do us part" nor "as long as we both shall live" shall be spoken by the man or woman or witness involved with the signing of this Marriage Declaration as during a possible religious-ceremony service accompanying this Marriage Declaration.

9. If there is a possible religious-ceremony service accompanying this Marriage Declaration, the gold-band Marriage Ring shall be placed on the 4th finger of the left hand of the bride. If she has no 4th finger of that hand, the 3rd finger of her left hand is next best.

10. Those who sign this Marriage Declaration are, by automatic default, under the direct and impartial Scriptural authority of Almighty God in the person of Jesus Christ.

Background information involved in the formation of the above rules was obtained with reference to marriage-ceremony liturgy found in the Black Hymnal of the Augustana Lutheran Church and the Red Hymnal of the Lutheran Church in America.