High School Graduation-Test Final Exam

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Please fill in the answers below, or circle the T or F option.

1. Any inanimate object, by itself alone, did not not have a mind of its own to create itself. T or F ?

2. Things that do not exist do not have a mind of their own to create themselves. T or F ?

3. The tremendous expulsive force of outward-bound particles from a supposed Big Bang explosion was FAR greater than any exponentially-weakening gravitational force between such particles preventing them from intelligently coming together by themselves to form stars or anything else. T or F ?

4. Extremely-long periods of time magically cause generally-destructive mutations in lifeforms to reproductively evolve. T or F ?

5. Sudden massive explosion inside an auto-parts junkyard never results in the creation of an intelligently-designed Mercedes with all the parts present and working all at once, and similar explosion inside a printing factory never produces a copy of the NKJV Bible. T or F ?

6. The time span during which Christ created lifeforms on planet Earth was [choose one] six seconds, minutes, hours, days [Heb. yom: 24-hour periods indicated by yom being preceded with an ordinal number such as first, second, etc. and by the Hebrew idiomatic expression "and there was evening and there was morning"], weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, or millennia? ___________

7. According to Genesis chapter one, were the Sun and stars created first, or instead Earth, created first?_____________

8. According to Genesis chapter one, did lava, or instead did water, cover Earth's outermost surface?__________

9. Being that women are generally sheltered while men do dangerous and even lethal occupations and endeavors, thus outliving men, was the oldest person recorded in the Old Testament a man, or a woman?________

10. According to the Jewish calendar, the historical date of the creation of Adam and Eve was (at least approximately) 5777 in relation to the Gregorian-calendar year of 2017 A.D. T or F ?

11. The Global Flood which Noah and his family survived (but which destroyed many dinosaurs and myriad other lifeforms) by being inside a specially-constructed Ark, covered all the highest mountains on planet Earth (such as Everest, if it existed back then) according to Genesis 7:19, and all types of people on Earth were offspring of Noah and the seven members of his immediate family (with reference to First Peter 3:20). T or F ?

12. It is your intention to eternally be in favor with and accommodating to the benevolent Creator (in Heaven) instead of being in disfavor and rebellion against and forever separated away from the benevolent Creator (in Hell, eternally suspended in Outer Darkness while tormented by invisible flames of the Lake of Fire, as described in Revelation 14 and 20 in the New Testament of the Holy Bible). T or F ?

13. What shawled, chignoned, or ponytailed body entity is the priest supposed to unbind (RSV), or loosen (NASB) on a woman suspected of committing adultery (in RSV's or NASV's, not KJV's nor NIV's, rendition of Numbers 5:18)? __________

14. Do the RSV and NASB English Bible translations of Song of Solomon 7:5 describe the captivating loose-long-haired "mopheadedness" of one's own bride, wife, concubine, spouse . . . instead of publicly-shared fornicating or adulterous masseuse whore or escort slut - as "flowing locks?" T or F ?

15. In view of RSV's and NASB's (not KJV's nor NIV's) correct rendition of Song of Solomon 7:5, do the churches of God regard a woman's sensuous mopheadedness sufficient as a prayer covering, according to KJV's and NKJV's (not RSV's) translation of First Corinthians 11:13-16 using the words: "no such" instead of: "no other" in verse 16? ____ T or F ?

16. The person of either gender who was the wisest on record in the Bible was ___________

17. Leviticus 27:1-5 and First Timothy chapter 5 indicates that the retirement age of an elderly senior starts at age 60 (not 65 or older), which is when Social Security monthly checks should start, and the beginning legal age for adults is 20 (not 18). T or F ?

18. Whether because of unusual refraction, or a huge passing extraterrestrial body, or however, for what Hebrew male did "the sun stand still"?_______

19. Who was the strongest person of either gender on record in the Bible?__________

20. What rear-end body part is shameful to publicly expose, according to Isaiah 20:4?__________

21. Like Joseph, was Tamar wearing a [reaching to the wrists and ankles] long-sleeved, full-length , or instead a multi-colored gown, according to RSV's or NASV's [not KJV's] translation of Second Samuel 13:18? ______________

22. The nakedness and shame of what body part(s) is the virgin daughter of Babylon in RSV's Isaiah 47:1-3 sarcastically ordered to uncover, whether in increments below or above the ankles or kneecap? __________

23. Which Bible book is named after the person who was in the lion's den?____________

24. What body parts are not to be publicly unshod according to RSV's Jeremiah 2:25? _______

25. The four males-named major gospels of the New Testament are ____________, ____________, ___________, and _________

26. What masculine-named angel appeared to Mary the mother of Jesus?__________

27. In Luke 1:36, the male John in the womb is referred to as a son, or instead an embryo?___________

28. In Luke 1:41 and Luke 2:16, male John in the womb AND male Jesus in the manger are each referred to as a babe [Gr. brephos], or instead a fetus?__________

29. Jesus produced wine from water at Cana for guests to get drunk with, and cigarettes to smoke and get lung cancer with, . . .and Saint Paul (in First Timothy 5:23) admonished his readers to drink a lot of wine or do narcotic-type drugs to stagger, vomit, and act delirious with. T or F ?

30. Were jealous disbelieving jews, or instead Pilate, mostly to blame for Christ's lynching and murder? _____

31. As the Lord Jesus had no inferior-gender apostles, of Christ's disciples, the Jewish male tax collector was _______________, the Jewish male-not-female rock was ___________, the Jewish exclusively-male beloved was _________, the Jewish male-only guileless was ___________ and the jewish male traitor was ___________.

32. Concordant with the somewhat-misworded church Creeds which state that the Father Almighty, instead of the Son of God, created all that exists (John 1, Colossians 1 and Hebrews 1), the sinless Jesus descended into Hell or Hades or Purgatory to be tortured for His own accidental or malicious sins (instead of imputed sins) against His Father in Heaven . . . rather than merely descended into "lower parts of the earth" Sheol (the temporary abode of the righteous and wicked dead) to release captives to Paradise as He ascended. T or F ?

33. The age in years of the girl Jesus resurrected, and number of years the woman afflicted with the unusual flow of blood according to Luke 8:42-43, was _______.

34. According to First Corinthians 11 and 14, adult male gender are the head of the home, and adult ______ gender should be submissive and keep quiet in church.

35. Isaiah 3:12 which laments imposition of oppressive children and woman rulership, is related to First Corinthians 14:33-38 and First Timothy 2:11-14 which prohibits women from speaking during church services and as government leaders, and disallows children (whose folly should be disciplined with the rod) from wimpering, whining, fussing, and shrieking during church services, and even excludes them as potential irritants? T or F ?

36. According to First Corinthians 6:9-10, will [homosexual] effeminate [Gr. malakoi] and sodomites [Gr. arsenokoitai] inherit the kingdom of God?________

37. Do older and more reliable English translations of the New Testament (such as the KJV or even recent RSV and NASB - but not NIV) inform us in First Corinthians chapter 7:1-5 that it is good for a man to not touch, or instead to not marry, a woman?__________

38. Being that the word "man" often used in the New Testament frequently relates to the Greek-Text root word anthr(o)pos meaning human and not merely man nor woman nor child singularly, the instruction for woman to be dressed modestly in decent clothing and not exercise authority over men (even in government) is found in chapter two of the first, or in the second, of Paul's New Testament epistles to Timothy?__________

39. According to the KJV-only translation of First Timothy 5:14, should younger women, or instead younger widows, marry and bear children? __________ ________

40. According to the KJV-only translation of First John 5:7, the three who bear witness are the _______, the ____, and the _______ _________.

41. How many epistles are attributed to John? __________

42. What New-Testament book was written anonymously, quoting the Psalmist who indicated that we should not merely hate the abstraction called sin but also the sinner who, unlike the concept of sin, will burn in Hell forever, inferring that if hate is not hate, then love is not love? _________

43. What New Testament book states that we are justified by faith without despising works, not saved by the Law, but that Paul's delight was in the Law (not merely gospel) of God?____________

44. What New Testament book states that we are justified by us through Christ doing good works, not by faith (i.e. belief and trust) in Jesus and His gospel alone?___________

45. Is it proper to claim that a biological-from-birth woman can have a wife, a biological-from-birth man can have a husband, that homosexuals can be Married or Wed as Spouses instead of simply Bonded Partners, that same-gender homosodomy eros does not exceed the legitimate bondaries of philos (i.e. brotherly or sisterly love), that straight persons are "homophobic" as to fearing homoperverts rather than, with righteous discrimination, just wanting to avoid them, and that supposedly "born-that-way" homosexuality is not a deliberate wicked choice of their own but forced on them by the Creator, not based upon their own rebellious and irreligious excessive reaction against sexist imperfections of the opposite gender? T or F ?

46. Is abortion considered infanticide, a type of sinful mindless murder committed and not "performed" for irresponsible convenience, harmful against a woman's health and against God's (not merely "her") body and God's child (a soul-possessing babe naturally intended to be birthed), and is NOT "reproductive" "rights" nor "health" in any way nor sense? T or F ?

47. In view of the legitimacy of harem polygamy (not prostitution) in the Old Testament, and requirement for only bishops and deacons being the husband of one wife in the New Testament [First Timothy 3:2,12], marriage is not exclusively defined as the union of one man and one woman, nor even of man and woman (as secretary, bodyguard, maid, employee, etc.), but rather the heterosexuality-intended union of man and woman? T or F ?

48. The two-person antichrists of Beast and False Prophet are found in what New Testament book? _________________

49. Before the Rapture and General Resurrection of both righteous and wicked instantaneously occurs (at the sound of the Last Trumpet) when "the heavens and Earth dissolve in fervent heat" (according to Second Peter chapter 3), The Tribulation Period mentioned in Revelation chapter 13 (during which those who are to be taken captive will be taken captive) after which Christ (in Revelation chapter 19) returns to resurrect only the Mark-of-Beast-rejecting beheaded saints (Revelation 20:4-5) preceding His Millennial Rule at His Second Coming at Armageddon is ____ months in duration, NOT seven years long.

50. The duration of confinement for the Beast, False Prophet, Devil, demons, and impenitent immoral majority of humans on the broad and easy road to the destructive-but-perpetual-punishment Outer-Darkness Lake of Fire is: a fraction of a second, three days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, one year, 5 to 10 years, 20 years, 50 to 75 years, or instead forever?_________

This form, created by Icorigin [a.k.a. Iconigon Originautica a.k.a. Vladimir Icorikov a.k.a. Daniel Roy Bloomquist, Honorary Doctor of Sacred Theology, American Bible Institute], can be freely copied verbatim and distributed without cost.