Modest Mixed-Gender-Public-View Warm-Weather


for Girls and Women

1. Long Hair Tied in an Up-Do or Single Back-of-Head Ponytail
2. Long-Sleeved Shirt
3. Full-Length, Non-Shortened, Non-Tight Slacks
4. Socks with Shoes


(1) RSV's/NASB's/ESV's Numbers 5:18, Song of Solomon 7:5, KJV's/NKJV's/MKJV's First Corinthians 11:1-16
(2) RSV's/NASB's/ESV's Second Samuel 13:18
(3) RSV's/NASB's/ESV's Isaiah 47:1-4
(4) RSV's/NASB's/ESV's Jeremiah 2:25

RSV's/NASB's/ESV's/KJV's/NKJV's/MKJV's Song of Solomon 2:14-16 and First Timothy 2:8-15

GALS! Are You Decently Dressed For Warm Weather?

Do The Checklist Below to Find Out:

_____ 1. Wearing hair (if longer than mouth-level) in an up-do or single back-of-head ponytail?

(Study RSV's or NASB's or ESV's Numbers 5:18 and Song of Solomon 7:5, KJV's First Corinthians 11:14-16 and First Timothy 2:8-9)

_____ 2. Wearing long sleeves?

(Study RSV's or NASB's or ESV's Second Samuel 13:18 and KJV's First Timothy 2:8-9)

_____ 3. Legs COMPLETELY covered?

(Study RSV's or ESV's Isaiah 47:1-4 and First Timothy 2:8-9)

_____ 4. Feet covered with socks in shoes?

(Study RSV's or NASB's or ESV's Jeremiah 2:25 and First Timothy 2:8-9)